Whether you have an existing online business or are just starting out we show you how to Plan Your Escape in 6 easy steps. Ready to learn and implement those simple steps?

The Escape Plan Podcast

Let Mark and Tim help you escape your current 9-5. Want to change you current situation? Spend more time with your family, Escape the job you hate or become the entrepreneur you always knew you could be.. then the escape plan is here for you.

Our Latest Episodes

041- Escape Plan Podcast – What To Do When SHTF

What do you do when the shit hit’s the fan? Panic, Implement plan B give up? This is what we do.

040 – The Escape Plan Podcast – Backend

Having a strong backend in your business can be the difference between success and failure, in this episode we look at backends!

039 – The Escape Plan Podcast

This week In The Escape Plan Podcast Tim and myself answer a question posed by one of our SMO members all about Hooks,Offers and Positioning most people think that these are just about the offer, nothing could be further from the truth the hooks and positioning all relate to your audience. Have a listen and…

038 – The Escape Plan Podcast – Why So Complicated?

This week In The Escape Plan Podcast Tim and myself talk about why some People complicate their marketing  and what you can do to make it simple and straight forward. Read Nelliane’s Landing Page Resources Small Lists Big Income Techniques Not Tools – Master These Techniques Rather Than Investing in Tools Join The Free Facebook…

037 – The Escape Plan Podcast – Native Ads

Native Ads have changed and evolved far from being the hypy lightweight articles of a few years back Native ads have now become mainstream and one of the cheapest forms of traffic.

036 -The Escape Plan Podcast – Let’s Talk About Your Offer

It’s all about the offer. Right Offer To the right person at the right time… but what does all that really mean. Let’s talk about your offer

035 – The Escape Plan Podcast – Engagement Marketing With Bonjoro’s Matt Barnett

This week In The Escape Plan Podcast Tim and myself talk to Matt Barnett about how to engage with your potential customers and the rise of Human to Human marketing.

There has never been a better time to focus on engaging with your customers on a regular basis.

034 – The Escape Plan Podcast – How To Get Traffic

You need traffic we need traffic everyone who wants an online business needs traffic yet it’s the one thing that people neglect more than any other. Here is how we get traffic and some ideas you can try.

033 – The Escape Plan Podcast – The Tools You Need

Everyone buys Marketing tools they don’t need. Got more than 3? Then you probably have too many. These are the only 3 types of tools you need.

032 – The Escape Plan Podcast – Google Display Network

This week In The Escape Plan Podcast Tim and myself talk about Advertising and in Particular The Google Display Network The holy grail of marketing is to double or treble the money you spend on marketing, The google display network is one of the easiest ways to achieve this but you need to be smart!…

031 – Escape Plan Podcast – Lead Magnets

Want more subscribers? Then this podcast is for you in it we look at how to create led magnets that get more subscribers. We also Include some ninja tricks for turning subscribers into engaged subscribers


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