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This week In The Escape Plan Podcast Tim and myself talk about Native Ads.  What they are how they’ve evolved and how you can use them.

Native ads have evolved over the past few years and now they are one of the main ways to get cheap engaged traffic , here is our take on them.

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1 Comment

  1. Daniel Daines-Hutt on June 25, 2018 at 12:29 am

    Thanks again for all the kind words gents!

    Couldnt agree more

    Killer content with promo (Be it native/paid ads etc) is soooo powerful

    Its helps tick so many boxes

    You have a content asset
    Its promotable
    The lead cost is super low

    And then you have all the other bonuses

    The audience will share and comment and build trust etc

    And influencer’s like yourselves will then share the content!!

    So much win for far less long term work

    We need more data, but for example

    Our new campaign is getting (At a profit)

    $3 leads
    $9:1 ROA…

    Not to mention those shares etc

    Thanks again for mentioning us, the kind words and comments, and more

    You guys are awesome 😀

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