020 – The Escape Plan Podcast – Gaming The System

Ever wanted to know how you can boost your chances of success by gaming the system or indeed what is gaming the system? In this episode we delve deep into what it takes to game the system for various sites, would you spend 20 seconds to gain 10 visitors a day?

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019 -The Escape Plan Podcast – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is something every marketer should have as part of their business, if you use a tool and like it then promote it. In this episode we look at just how easy it can be to build an affiliate income and what really is possible when you take it to the limit.

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Escape Plan Podcast -016 – How Would We Start Over

“If you lost everything How would you start over?” I don’t think there is a marketer who hasn’t been asked that question 100 times. Here is out answer and we’ve gone a little further we’;ve broken it down into 3 budgets $100, $500 and $1000.

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Escape Plan Podcast – 015 – Content Marketing

The Escape plan podcast - Content Marketing

Today We are joined by Freyja and Dan from Amp My Content. Want you content to reach the widest about of customers? Want to know how a site with just 8 articles in 2 years generates leads and customers on a daily basis? Then grab your headphones and have a listen.

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013 – The Escape Plan Podcast – 2018 Predictions

It’s that time of year when all good children make marketing predictions, so this year myself and Tim look at what we think will change next year. We look at Ecommerce , Facebook, simplified marketing, changes to landing pages and new regulations.

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012 – The Escape Plan Podcast – 2017 Roundup

A lot happened in 2017 and in this podcast we look back at the key changes in the year. The Rise of BS agencies, engagement marketing, messenger bots, the many improvements facebook have brought to the advertising back end and much more.

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